About the Course

Course Duration

Hyderabad School of Homeopathy offers a three year course comprising of bi-monthly (once in two months) three-day weekend seminars at Hyderabad. Homeopathy as a subject is very extensive and it needs total dedication and change in mindset. Basic knowledge and training in the field of Homeopathy is imparted through weekend lectures. These sessions are held once in two months and span over three days.

The course is carefully structured in such a way that it does not disturb the daily medical practice. Further, three seminar days are planned to inspire learning the new system thoroughly.

Course requirement: Minimum qualification to be eligible for the M.F.Hom course is M.B.B.S


Introduces homeopathic philosophy, materiamedica, principles of homeopathy and history of homeopathy. After the course students are encouraged to write Faculty of Homeopathy’s Primary Healthcare Examination, which is multiple-choice examination, administered directly by the Faculty of Homeopathy.


The Second and Third years will be more comprehensive, comprising of Core principles and content of Homeopathy, Historical & philosophical background to the development of Homeopathy, Current scientific thinking, and Homeopathy pharmacy and materia-medica.

Formative assessment will be applied throughout the three-year period.

Only candidates having adequate level of homeopathy education, as judged by assessments and attendance record, will be encouraged to participate in the final examination process.

Course Completion

At the end of the course, the Faculty of Homeopathy(UK) will conduct, correct and assess the MFHom Part-I Examination, which are theory papers. Candidates passing the theory are required to build a casebook of ten patients, whom they have treated, under supervision, using Homeopathy. Hyderabad School of Homeopathy will guide the candidates during this process, if required.

Case histories have to be submitted to the faculty, after which a final clinical examination will be conducted, to showcase the knowledge and skills acquired by the candidate. Examinations will be held at the Hyderabad School of Homeopathy, but the assessing examiners will be sent by the Faculty of Homeopathy (UK).

After completion of examination, the Faculty of Homeopathy will award the Post-Graduate Diploma Certificate.

Candidates can then use qualification M.F.Hom (Member of Faculty of Homeopathy). MFHom is a recognized and registrable degree, according to Schedule-III of Homeopathy Central Council Act, 1973.